Meet Tracey


The truth is, I'd much rather talk about you. But, I know this is the spot you've come to find out about me. When I click on an ‘about’ tab, I want to learn about the real human I'm meeting in cyberspace. The flawed, imperfect creature doing their best to be authentic in this crazy world. So, even though I'd sooner cozy up with a boa constrictor, here's the Cliff's Notes version of Tracey:

As a kid, my favourite book (and I loved books!) was the Children's Encyclopedia Britannica Volume 9 - Things To Make And Do.

I live with my salt of the earth farmer on our cattle and grain property in Central Queensland, which we run with our three adult sons. (You can find out more about that at I write some stories over there, too.)

My days are spent between my studio, painting and writing and creating, and my cozy coaching space, supporting awesome humans as they navigate their path to their best lives, and my office, managing the administration and accounting for our family farming business. Oh, and the kitchen…. not because I want to, not because I love to cook; but because when you have a bunch of hungry humans around, engaging in hard physical work, they need feeding. Frequently.

My grandkids think I sing the best "Incy Wincy Spider" in the world (others would disagree).

Occasionally, I need to chase a cow out of my backyard before I can hang the washing out to dry.

I love people AND I'm an introvert. Solitude is like oxygen for me. (Don't tell anyone - but sometimes when surrounded by humans, I'll go to the bathroom so I can sit alone for a minute).

I love woo-woo stuff. There, I said it. The weird, mystical, magical and inexplicable are endlessly fascinating to me.

I once had a horse accident and broke my scapula (shoulder blade) and a few ribs. The doctor said it "couldn't possibly be a broken scapula - you've gotta hit them really hard to break them". I hit the ground really hard, dude.

I've known darkness and I reach for the light.

My gardening expertise is limited to this: Put it in the ground with the green bit facing UP.

I believe the solution to every problem is to pour love all over it. And I know that pouring love over some problems is the hardest work we will ever be asked to do.

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Special thanks and photo credits to Caitlyn Hewitt 

(and Wilson for photobombing and shoot entertainment)