What IS Art Journaling?

Art Journaling is the intersection of a written diary or journal, and a sketchbook. With a lot of colour. And a fundamental focus on exploration and FUN!

I offer an art journaling workshop perfectly suited to beginners who feel a call to create something, and have no idea where or how to begin. (That said, more experienced artists have enjoyed them as well.) I limit attendance to 12 participants, so I can offer the best possible support to everyone.

The emphasis is on exploring and playing, experimenting and discovering. We'll talk about the transformative power of art - how creating helps us process emotions and clear our heads and hearts. How creative expression is a potent form of self compassion.

The main focus of this art journaling workshop is to offer you an opportunity to try out a few techniques and different media and to show you that you can draw and paint and you are creative (even though right now you may seriously doubt it!)

Nowhere near as much fun as being in the room with you, the Art Journaling Video Collection offers a couple of demonstrations of techniques to create a journal page and a brief explanation of art journaling as well as a quick run through of materails and supplies.

There's also a selection of artwork from my journals in the Art Journal Collection





Workshop Info:

The Nitty Gritty:

Teaching fee: $350 per day - thats for me, not for each participant! I'm as happpy to teach a group of three as I am a group of twelve.

Travel: 60cents per km; OR airfare and connections.

Accommodation: A 5 star room in the Hilton, or a tent in the middle of nowhere - I'm flexible. I just need a comfy bed and somewhere to wash paint off my fingers. Oh, and a glass of wine as the sun sets.

Workshop Hours: 9am start, 4pm finish, with a break for lunch in the day when it suits. I'm flexible with times, and am happy for people to keep playing longer, on the understanding that by 4pm I may be brain dead, and not much good for valuable guidance!
Go ahead and contact me with any questions you may have.


To me art journalling is about playful expression whilst exploring my inner world. I really like the way my written word (text) creates a layer of texture which then becomes the base for play and exploration of a variety of mark making and really cool techniques. Tracey has such a wonderful way with people, walking alongside them, encouraging their expression of creativity whether in the written word or images. She does not judge, she loves, laughs and cries with her students, her wisdom is felt and expressed, her sense of self and ability to see life with all it offers whether that be roses or thorns with humbleness and humour is always spot on for me.                 

Peta - Art Journaling

Tracey teaches easy techniques and offers step-by-step instructions that make art accessible to everyone. I was amazed by the beautiful work our group produced, even though many of us hadn’t held a paintbrush in years, if ever!  I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a new way to express themselves, get creative, play more and have a few good laughs. Tracey is a blast. Her sense of humour, wisdom, warmth and down to earth nature will make you feel right at home.       

Amanda - Art Journaling

The recklessness of ripping up old books and splotching colours helter skelter over the page felt a little unruly. I valiantly resisted the urge to think “OK that’s enough of that, let’s do something constructive” and lost myself in texture and colours for a few hours each week. Thanks Tracey for the opportunity, cool ideas, hot tea, open heart, and a glimpse into some artistic possibilities.

Nicky - Art Journaling

Thanks Tracey, I find it enjoyable free, form, creative and de-stressing…I love your can do attitude, and I’ll be back next year for another dose.

Katy - Art Journaling