Blog » Austin - First Birthday Portrait Series (Monday, 26 February 2018)

I’ve never really created artwork in series. It’s one of the things Muriel (my inner mean girl) uses to try and convince me I’m not really a ‘serious’ artist. Muriel can take a flying leap, because here is Number five (hear that Muriel? FIVE! in a series. So there) of first birthday portraits of our grandbabies. Muriel also tried to convince me before I began portraits two through five that I couldn’t do it again – she’s a cow like that, and perhaps if it had been anything other than my grand kids, I may even have let the niggling doubt stop me. But having done one, I was committed. It just wouldn’t sit right to have created something special for one or two and not the rest. I have much to thank these tiny humans for.

Austin turned one just a few weeks ago, and, like all the others is a delicious, delightful bundle of wonder and stardust. And unlike Muriel, none of them think I suck at anything at all.

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