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You're A Wayfinder Life Coach? What is it you actually DO? (Sunday, 29 January 2023)

The other day someone asked me what it is I actually DO as a Life Coach? Picture this: You are locked in a room with no windows - no source of light at all. Everything you need to get yourself...
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Don’t Know What You’re Doing? Do It Anyway. (Thursday, 23 June 2022)

It may not look like it to a casual observer, but more often than not, I don’t really know what I’m doing. Sometimes there's a vague idea, a thread I’m following, or a concept being explored...
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7 Tricks to Overcome Fear of the Blank Page (Tuesday, 24 May 2022)

A coaching client the other day was talking about how the perfect white page or canvas feels intimidating and terrifying. I know the feeling. Still. Yep - even after all these years, sometimes the unblemished foundation can stop me...
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Listen (Sunday, 3 April 2022)

If we would only listen with the same passion that we feel about wanting to be heard.

~Harriet Lerner    

Right? We crave to be heard - really heard - in a meaningful way, that allows us to feel seen and understood. 

Listening to understand and truly hear, is a quality and skill I've worked to improve over the years. I'm fortunate to have some special people in my life who listen that way for me, and I love to listen that way to others. I think the love of listening well is what led me to begin training as a Wayfinder Life Coac

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