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Dawn (Wednesday, 22 August 2018)

The first poem in a series inspired by the curious wondering "What is she trying to tell us?"


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Hourglass (Wednesday, 11 July 2018)

The sand falls through the hourglass. It begins in an eager tumble, steadies to a soothing flow.

Hunter watches, transfixed. Tiny pieces of mica in the sand shimmer and catch the light as the sand moves, falling from the top, piling to a mound in the bottom.

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Poems Should Rhyme, And Other Beliefs (Friday, 10 November 2017)

Sometimes the things we believe hold us hostage. Stop us from trying something new or doing something brave. These words may or may not be a poem, but spilling them out in my journal helped me understand that while I may be quite attached to some of the things I believe, they don’t serve me well anymore.

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Finding Freedom (Tuesday, 20 June 2017)

That box that people put you in – the pigeon hole which satisfies their need to classify and order their experiences – you don’t quite fit, do you? There’s that sharp edge that grabs and catches. You try to smooth...
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