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For an artist, hanging a body of work in an exhibition is one of life's highlights. Sharing your creations somehow closes the creative loop. I've always said art isn't complete until it has an audience, and I appreciate so much that you are part of the audience for this art. 


It's difficult to get to see much 'in person' right now, so over the next little while, I'll share the artworks and some of the story behind them here for you.


To kick off - a quick photo of me in front of a few of my pieces in the Banana Shire Regional Art Gallery, and the artist statement that accomplanies my pieces in this exhibiton, honouring my art journal practice:


The pieces in this exhibition document a particular part of my creative journey, and celebrate my art journal as the fertile ground from which new ideas grew. 


In 2015, I set aside visual art to write a book, which shrunk the hours available to make art - for a couple of years I wrote much and painted little. My arts practice contracted into art journals, which I filled over time with explorations - testing ideas, materials and concepts in the safety of a book I could close and keep just for me.  


Enjoying the pleasure of the act of making without any pressure for it to be ‘worthy’ or ‘good’ or anything at all beyond exploration and fun, led to my teaching art journaling –  inspired by the personal and artistic development I was discovering through the practice.


Over time, I came upon a style, that felt fresh and somehow MINE. I wanted - for the first time in years - to make art to share with the world.


Through a year of health challenges, drawing the floral abstract forms of the Funky Flowers proved to be grounding, healing and satisfying.


An evolution began the day a jellyfish suggested itself in a piece, followed in subsequent pieces by a dragonfly, then a bee. 


My journal practice continued alongside the development of those pieces and a more abstract style of marks and patterns began to emerge.  


Abstract backgrounds became landscapes, until the abstracts started to become complete works in their own right. 


My journal has always been where I explore concepts and responses that I cannot put words to, and ultimately it has given me the confidence to expand into larger formats for sharing with an audience. 


I have expanded out of the journal with work that has a new vitality and energy - reflecting the newfound vitality in myself as I recovered my health. The final pieces from the period reflect a new direction, new explorations - looser, freer and with a more expansive energy. 

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for stories and details of each piece.

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  • Posted by Tracey on 11/30/20 5:26am

    Heather, thank you so much! Much love to you xoxo

  • Posted by Heather Barninger on 11/27/20 11:59am

    Tracey - I love everything about your journey and wish you much success!!

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