Blog » Corry (Monday, 8 October 2018)

The wild places in your heart
call to you:
Find freedom
Find space
Your worry
is wasted.
The space around you 
asks to be filled,
with peace,
with gentleness,
with you.
Allow yourself to fill,
then overflow,
so you might take up the space
that exists for you.
Passion is your birthright,
you need not contain that.
Let you love for life
spill out and splash
and surge 
and spill 
and fill
the empty plains
of your doubt.
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  • Posted by Tracey on 11/30/18 2:24am

    Eve, I've just discovered your comment from months ago!! Thanks so much for reading, looking and leaving your thoughts. Sometimes I feel like I'm dropping pebbles into a well and they're never seen again! Appreciate you being here.

  • Posted by Eve on 10/08/18 1:40am

    The art is so pretty and I love the writing too, Tracey. Your whole website is so attractive and well-done!

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Stay wild. The wild place in your heart  were the lilac grows cannot be trimmed and tidied it is wild and free do not fear the wildness. Lead. Hold the flame of your torch high  light the way for yourself and others. Pain is the fuel that feeds the fire of alchemy. Burn it up. Once it is spent, you need the flame no longer. For when the pain burns out, the darkness leaves with it and all that remains is light.   Spin around with me, laugh, and draw me into yourself. Let me come home to your heart where I belong. It is time.
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