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Last week's progess on the Wise Women series was about experimenting – actively looking for fresh approaches. This week has begun with a fresh approach sneaking up on me while I thought I was doing something else.

Today, during our Couch Art Cafe Date I thought I was showing everyone how I created a doodle-y looking tree. Barely five minutes in, I noticed this tree looked a LOT like a woman in profile – rooted to the earth, and opening to the heavens, at the same time.

This is what I love about Creativity. When we get our expectations out of the way, and allow what wants to be brought into being to arrive in it’s own time, Creativity takes a deep breath and gathers together threads we’ve been carrying – sometimes for years – and braids them into something we could never have ‘thought up’. All the really good stuff comes through me, not from me.

I’m now keen to explore this doodling style of drawing in my Wise Women series. Until this morning, it would never had occurred to me. Maybe the fresh approach I was digging for has been under my nose all the time.

(If you’re curious about Couch Art, this blog post explains how I came to begin a couch art practice. When we’re needing to weave some creative time into our days, we have to start looking at the places we spend our time; eyes peeled for pockets of possibility. This blog post gives you 5 places you could start looking.)

Thank you to the Regional Arts Services Network, which is an initiative of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. CQUniversity has been appointed as the Central Queensland Provider, and though I've only recently learned of their existence, I'm already a big fan!

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