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If we would only listen with the same passion that we feel about wanting to be heard.

~Harriet Lerner

Right? We crave to be heard - really heard - in a meaningful way, that allows us to feel seen and understood. 

Listening to understand and truly hear, is a quality and skill I've worked to improve over the years. I'm fortunate to have some special people in my life who listen that way for me, and I love to listen that way to others. I think the love of listening well is what led me to begin training as a Wayfinder Life Coac

As I try to figure out how to explain what it is I offer as a coach, it occurs to me that this is it. I listen to you with the same passion I feel about being heard. 

I was writing in my journal this morning. Nothing overly unusual there, except that I found myself drafting a blog post telling you about how awesome coaching is, instead of sorting out my own shit. As coaches, we're tasked with a duty to "Live it to give it", and while I was journaling around this quote and how it might make a meaningful prompt about how I approach coaching, I realized I was trying to write a blog post in MY journal. In a space I retreat to to listen to myself. I realized I was not listening to myself with the same passion I feel for being heard. So instead of this being all about what I can do for you, I'm reminded that before I help anyone, I need to help myself. 

It's easier to focus on someone else than to focus on your own crap, but listening to ourselves with the intention to understand and deeply know ourselves is one of the most impactful tracks to self compassion I know. 

My own crap was just that - crap. Fear mostly, about a range of things that most humans get scared about - often based on worrying about what other people might think. Yep, I still get caught up worrying about what other people think. I'm working on it, and I suspect it NEVER goes away - because, we're human. Eons of evolution have gone into creating human brains wired for our survival. Being cast out from the tribe spelled certain death to our ancestors at a time when humankind was evolving increasingly elaborate brain function. Listening to myself with the passion I feel about wanting to be heard offered some insight and understanding, and cleared away the fear so that action feels enticing instead of dangerous. 

My invitation to you is to give yourself some dedicated time and space to listen to your own heart. You have the answers to every question you have, you just need to listen with the same passion you feel about wanting to be heard. And if listening to yourself that way feels strange or impossible, pop over to my Coaching page to book a free session, I'd love to help you figure it out. 

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