Blog » Lullaby for Woes and Worries (Thursday, 6 December 2018)

Set down the worries of the day
in a soft nest of dreams and wishes,
nestled in a safe corner of your heart
where the brambles grow free and 
moss multiplies on ancient rocks - 
They’ll be safe there.
Turn your feet toward 
the clearing.
One step at a time
let the patch of sunlight
lead you through the tangle of
wild growth
until you stand in the open.
Look up.
The sky is clear,
the sun warms you
with a tumble of golden atoms
each inscribed 
with your name.
Soak them in.
Life itself.
Spread your arms wide,
lift your face
and drink in the freedom
of this moment.
Your worries are safe.
The bees and birds
are tending them
bringing worms and sweet nectar
to nourish them, to slake their thirst.
Your dreams cushion them
embrace them
take them in like orphans
from a long fought war.
And in that loving embrace,
your worries settle to sleep.
If you stay long enough in the sun
(One more minute should do it)
They’ll become one with your dreams
and realise
they never really existed
at all.
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  • Posted by Eve Nunes on 12/06/18 5:03pm

    You’ve outdone yourself; this just *feels* so good. Love, love, love. ❤️

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