Blog » Poems Should Rhyme, And Other Beliefs (Friday, 10 November 2017)

Tell me I’m not the only one who has days where everything makes no sense and you feel all kinds of off kilter and out of sorts. (Seriously – I could use the reassurance!)

One of my go to activities to unravel a tangled mind is writing in my journal. Sometimes, a poem will pop out. As I write that, I can hear my Dad frowning – if it has no meter or rhyme it can’t possibly be a poem.

I suspect we all have some beliefs that are not helping us any longer… How about you?
I am unsteady
I don’t know what I know
or, is it that I know what I don’t know?
I’ve told myself stories about
How I am
Who I am
What I am
What you think about me
My beliefs sit at my feet, looking up at me,
Am I true?
Where did I come from?
Do I get to stay?
Will you choose me?
I see fear in their eyes.
Rejection is death to a belief.
Can I bundle them up in my arms,
hold them close, and reassure them
that even if their work here is no longer needed,
I have loved them dearly?

Can I let them go then,

to scamper off like scolded puppies

scurrying to hide under a chair

until I’m not watching.

Until they sneak back to chew on my heels once again?

No. It seems not.

They must be banished
for my own good.

Oh, but their pleading eyes!

How can I reject those eyes

that I have loved

that I have trusted.

But, set them free I must.

Oust them from the comfortable cushion of my being.

Cast them away for good.

If I am to know my own freedom.

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