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Have you ever accidentally started something that grew into something special? That's what happened in my studio over the past few months. I discovered that painting little watercolour paintings does something to soothe me. As I painted the pictured piece - “Gentle Promise” - it seemed to whisper a plan. Here's how it went:

Paint more - lots more - of these. (Be soothed)

Relase them as a collection, for the purpose of soothing others - here's how:

Whomever purchases one, nominates someone they know - or know of - who has been having a tough time and would be buoyed by an unexpected act of generosity, and I’ll send that person a watercolour-painting-shaped-love-bomb from both of us. Sort of a Buy One, Give One deal, and you don’t pay for the one you give. I'm so excited to parcel up the surprise ones - just thinking about it delights me more than I can say.

The pieces are painted on A4 sized watercolour paper, some have a little graphite pencil or pen detailing, and my fondest hope is that the soothing sense I enjoyed as I painted them is somehow diffused into them, ready to ooze out and permeate the heart of their new homes. I've had a lovely time exploring leafy shapes and puddles of colour - watercolour has this glorious habit of moving and mingling in the gentlest way, and sometimes two colours kiss against one another, and some kind of riotious river breaks out. It's fun stuff.

The collection will be released at midday AEST 20th November 2021, and my subscribers will get access a couple of days earlier. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page here to join my subscriber tribe if you want in on early access. 


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