Blog » Stay with yourself (Tuesday, 27 February 2018)

Stay with yourself.

When the darkness is


and the tendrils of anguish and loathing

wrap their damp coils around your neck.

Stay with yourself.

You’ll long to leave, tell yourself

there are better places to go

better people to be with,

better people to be.

Stay with yourself.

When boredom smells like mouldy shoe boxes

and your line of sight offers flat,



Stay with yourself.

Even when a light flashes and inspiration

floods the landscape with blues

and greens

and purples

and your heart fills with delight.

Stay with yourself.

You can share it all

when it’s time

When you

and yourself

are both ready.

Stay with yourself

until you can step forward,

into the sun,

into the joy,

into the light,

and bring yourself.

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