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A year ago I signed up for a writing class. You know how people tell you about things they’ve done and say, in awed wonder “It changed my life”? Well, that’s me. Talking about Write Into Light. Or perhaps, more correctly, talking about the community of writers that emerged, strong, fierce, brave and ready to stand up in a world that doesn’t always reward tender vulnerability, and say “I choose love. I choose light.”

These writers have spent the past year fine tuning their craft and listening closely to the calls of their hearts, and now, one by one are stepping into the world with their offerings. Those offerings are as varied and intriguing as they are driven by a longing to be of service.

If you have a look at Mary Jo Cartledghayes Instagram account @mercy_now you’ll see she’s been layering and stitching morsels of Mercy and deploying them to all corners of planet Earth. After Mary Jo put out a request for Mercy materials, I pulled out a bundle of ribbon and buttons and bits and bobs to add to her collection. It’s been a long time since I opened those boxes. I’m delighted by the thought that instead of languishing in a dark cupboard, some of these goodies will find themselves part of a gift of Mercy.

As for me… I’m plugging away at a children’s story about suicide. Which I know, probably sounds like a terrible idea. But, it’s the call of my heart right now. While my fondest wish would be for no child ever to know the bewildering confusion and pain of a loved ones suicide, I know the heartbreaking truth is that some will. This book will be for them. With as much tenderness and love and gentleness as I can infuse into words on a page.

Mary Jo is right. We could all use a little mercy.

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