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I’ve been thinking a lot about Tough and Tender Beauty as I make these very deliberate and careful lines…(It’s feeling strange to take this from a journal idea that came into being on my lap up onto the easel – physically strange. The hand/wrist/arm movement is quite different – not to mention the proximity of eyeballs to paper!)

There’s some HARD stuff going on, and I’m close enough to some of it to witness the complexities, confusion and pain. While being far enough removed from it to witness without the pain being my own.

I’m intentionally avoiding being specific – the particular situation that has me thinking is not mine to share, or comment on – but watching arguments and blame unspool in comment threads on social media, I’m struck most by the lack of tenderness showing up in the face of an unspeakably tough situation.

What I know for sure is that when people are going through something Tough, what’s needed most is Tenderness. Not judgement or blame, but gentle, tender acceptance.

I suspect this Wise Woman coming through from her firmly supported and grounded place is bringing a message about pouring tenderness over tough situations… showing us that where Tough meets Tender, Beauty is the inevitable by product.

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