Blog » Where the road takes you (Thursday, 1 March 2018)

Sometimes, all you can do is follow your nose. A bit like that time we drove across the desert. There weren’t too many signs to indicate precisely where we were, but we trusted that the road we were on would lead us out the other side. It did, and the next morning we woke to this view. And knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. How could you doubt you were in the perfect place, when presented with a daybreak like this?

Perhaps life is the same. God knows there aren’t too many signposts to reassure us that the road we are travelling is leading us where we want to go. As I think about that, it occurs to me we discovered  this beautiful spot, which is high on the list of places I loved most, after taking a turn off the road leading to our ultimate destination. The truly wondrous gems – the places and experiences that fill us up – are most often discovered via a detour, an unexpected deviation to the plan.

I have no idea where this decision to post a new blog as often as I can (I’m resisting saying daily, because some days, it’s not gonna happen) will take me, There could be astonishing discoveries, or it might prove to simply be the long way ’round to where I thought I was going all along. But I’m choosing to trust that I’m right where I’m supposed to be, and stay open to whatever I might learn along the way.

Here’s to the delight of unexpected discoveries along roads we never knew existed, much less ever planned to travel.

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