Blog » You're A Wayfinder Life Coach? What is it you actually DO? (Sunday, 29 January 2023)

The other day someone asked me what it is I actually DO as a Life Coach?

Picture this: You are locked in a room with no windows - no source of light at all. Everything you need to get yourself out of there and get on with your life is in that room with you, but it's so dark all you can do is stumble around, bumping into things and kicking your toe on the sideboard. And there's that small, rustling, furry thing that runs across your foot now and again scaring the crap out of you - it could be harmless, but how can you be sure?

Your particular dark room might be any number of things: Maybe it's feeling overwhelmed; perhaps it's a challenging relationship; it might be a creative slump; or a colleague who is grinding your gears. It could be a choice or decision you keep flip-flopping on, or a dream so big and wild you think you could never do it - but the thought of it will NOT leave you alone.

The answer to what I do as a coach is this: My job is to gently prise an opening in that room and install a window, to let the light flood in, so you can see what is in that room with you, and figure out your escape plan. Just like a contractor who installs a new window, I've got a box of tools - careful listening, thoughtful questions and fun tools grounded in neuro science. Just like the contractor, it's not up to me what you do in that room once the light comes in - that's up to you. But I'm there to keep the window clean and clear and help you discover what to do yourself.

(If you could use a little extra light on something in your life, pop over to the Coaching Page to book a free discovery session and let's talk!)

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