Commission a piece of jewellery

One of the most rewarding things about this artist gig is that sometimes I get to create special pieces – tiny touchstones, with love poured into them for those situations in our lives when words are hard to find, and fail miserably to convey what we hold in our hearts.

A tiny, unique piece of art, or photo, is created for each piece, then jewellers grade resin is poured over, to seal and protect the piece forever.

I’ve made pendants bearing special words for bridesmaids gifts, and sets of earrings for bridesmaids. This ring was commissioned as a gift for an adored young Mum who recently experienced the devastating sorrow of her baby, Aleisha, arriving in the world, already an angel.

Not long ago, our mate Russ’s daughter got married. With her Dad no longer here to walk her down the aisle, her Mum and I put our heads together and created a pair of pendants, to attach to her bouquet. One with a picture of the bride with her Dad, the other, a special message with Russ’s handwriting (thanks to Photoshop, and some old letters, the right words fit perfectly.)

To be asked to create such special pieces is a privilege that’s hard to explain, but it’s a source of tremendous joy and satisfaction to make something that expresses what our words often cannot.





Commission an artwork

Do you have a secret wish for a piece of art work created just for you?

Send me an email, give me a call or power up your carrier pigeon and tell me all about it. I like to get to know you a little before I begin, so I can hold you in my mind as I work on your commission. It helps to entice the muse to join me if I have a clear image of you, and the best stuff always ends up on the canvas when the muse is in the house.

To discuss time frame, payment and details as they relate to your particular commission get in touch with me and we can discuss what you're wishing for.