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Here's what I've been making. You'll find art, stories, jewellery, videos, and classes.

I made them for you. Truly.  Because art isn't complete until it has an audience...


Art Journal Stack
Tags: watercolour, acrylic, ink, collage, mixed-media, pen
Creative Wounds
Tags: pen, distress-inks, ink
Tags: acrylic, ink, mixed-media, felt-markers, pen, words
Funky Moo
Tags: ink, acrylic, collage
Fly Free
Tags: watercolour, ink, pencil, felt-markers, pen, mixed-media
Follow The Clues
Tags: acrylic, ink, charcoal
Go Gently
Tags: acrylic, ink, pencil, mixed-media, distress-inks
Tags: acrylic, ink, pen
Song For Mother & Child
Tags: acrylic, ink, pencil, collage, mixed-media
Kindred Spirits
Tags: acrylic, ink, pencil, collage, mixed-media, charcoal
Tags: ink, collage, pencil, pen
Payton & Pa Stencil
Tags: acrylic, ink, mixed-media
Peacock Page
Tags: acrylic, ink, collage, coloured-pencil, pen
Sometimes.... (Detail)
Tags: watercolour, ink, pen, collage
Tags: acrylic, ink, collage, pen
Worry Is A Misuse Of Your Imagination
Tags: acrylic, ink, pencil, collage, coloured-pencil, pen
Tags: acrylic, ink, pencil, collage, coloured-pencil, charcoal
Follow The Trail
Tags: watercolour, ink, acrylic, mixed-media, collage, pen
Lullaby for Woes and Worries
Tags: watercolour, ink, mixed-media, words
"Kakadu Dreaming"
©2013 Tracey Hewitt
Tags: Acrylic, ink, collage
"Deep Thought Therapy"
©2012 Tracey Hewitt
Painted tissue, yarn, paper free machine embroidery on canvas
Tags: Acrylic, ink, collage, mixed-media, fibre