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For a long time, I told myself I couldn't draw faces. Until one day, it occurred to me that someone calling themselves an artist couldn't expect anyone to take them seriously as long as they had that belief.

I took a class. And another class. I practiced, and faces started appearing in my planner, on scraps of paper and in the margins of the desk diary while I was on hold with Telstra. And guess what? Not only did I discover I could draw a face - I also discovered I enjoyed it.

There was another discovery, too. These faces seemed to want to tell us things. Many people saw themselves in the eys and faces of these girls as they came to life in my journals. So one day, (thanks to the encouragement of a couple of magical writer friends) I sat down to 'listen' and see if I could hear what these girls had to say.

Maybe that nudge you need, or encouragement you crave might be tucked in these messages?


The wild places in your heart
call to you:
Find freedom
Find space

Your worry
is wasted.
The space around you
asks to be filled,
with peace,
with gentleness,
with you.

Allow yourself to fill,
then overflow,
so you might take up the space
that exists for you.

Passion is your birthright,
you need not contain that.
Let you love for life
spill out and splash
and surge
and spill
and fill
the empty plains
of your doubt.

Freedom is found - chosen.
Take it.
It’s yours - it always has been.
Your heart glows with all these colours.
Open your hands - open to receive.
And when you are open and receiving - THEN you can give.
You’ve been doing it backwards (giving and giving before you let yourself receive)
Joy is your birthright
Delight is what you came for.
Dissolve into the wildness in your heart.
Stop trying to cultivate and control.
Allow the unfurling of tendrils, tentacles and unruly new growth.
The darkness surrounds you in order to give contrast to the brilliant illumination of your light.
You are steady, strong, ALIVE.
A tumbling, buzzing bundle of cells and light and colour.

Swing high,
Feel the air as it rushes past your face.
You are whole.
Right now, as you are.
The edges of your world may seem cloudy, indeterminate,
but you have no need for edges.
You are limitless.
Allow the rhythm of swinging to carry you through your days.
A forward surge,
a falling back.
Another surge.
And so on.
This is your way.
Momentum. Movement. Rest.
Lean in
Lean back.
and let the exhilaration bubble up within
until it bubbles over
to bless the world around you.
You are free.

You’ve been peeking around corners long enough.
It’s safe to step out,
be fully seen.
I know you’re afraid,
but all that weight on one leg
has grown you lopsided.
Curiosity is your friend.
Stop doubting the world,
You are safe.
Life pulses through you,
let it move you
to a strong stance,
to a place where you no longer
fear the mystery.
You ARE the mystery.
Stay wild.
The wild place in your heart
were the lilac grows
cannot be trimmed and tidied
it is wild and free
do not fear the wildness.
Hold the flame of your torch high
light the way for yourself and others.
Pain is the fuel that feeds the fire of alchemy.
Burn it up.
Once it is spent, you need the flame no longer.
For when the pain burns out,
the darkness leaves with it
and all that remains is light.
Spin around with me,
and draw me into yourself.
Let me come home
to your heart
where I belong.
It is time.