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When Your Superpower Becomes Your Kryptonite

Part memior, part self help - as in to help myself. To remind myself of the things I know, and need to remember. Like how to take responsibility for my own life and happiness, and the ways I could care of myself as kindly as I care for others. Turns out that writing all this down to help myself, has helped others too.

There's stories about fun stuff - creativity, gratitude, journaling and play. There's also stories about hard things - grief, exercise, perfectionism and boundaries. (Tell me you find exercise and boundaries to be hard things, too? It will make us forever friends).

Now, I want to be honest here. You'll get a copy of this much cheaper from your preferred online bookseller - especially of you live outside Australia. Shipping, and all that. And I encourgae you to get your hands on it whatever way works for you. Here's a link to purchase on Amazon , where you'll also find an eBook option.

The only thing the online booksellers can't get you is a dedicated and signed copy and little extra treat from me in the parcel. But when it's all said and done, I just want you to have a copy - in whatever way works best for you.

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Song Of Ourself

At times heart wrenching, hilarious, and lyrically sublime, Song of Ourself stands as a testament to the power of words to effect personal, interpersonal, and collective change.”

Imagine this: hundreds of participants from across the globe signup for an online writing course. A couple hundred of them grow close and continue to encourage one another with writing and life in general. Someone says “wouldn’t it be great to put together an anthology of the pieces we wrote in class?”

Agreement is strong. It feels HUGE. How? A small group step forward, bringing various skills and talents, a generous publisher among them.

Today, this nebulous, dreamy idea is real.

138 voices from around the world, in one publication. All saying “You are never alone.”

I don’t know how to begin to describe this anthology... I am stuck marvelling that it is real. And humbled for my voice to sit among these voices. (On page 76)

The digital version is available as a FREE download. A print version will be available for purchase (cost of production only) in the near future.

This dream becoming reality has proved to me that anything is possible.

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One Breath

This magazine is a collaboration of brave-ass women who are doing All The Hard Things. We are survivors, thrivers, healers, healing, lovers and sisters of soul.

We are finding our voices - and using them.

May the magic of our words spark a fire in your soul that lights the path back home to yourself."

~Michelle Wells, Leader of the Dreamer's Co-operative and editor of One Breath.





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Words That Move

Mary Walker is a poet whose words never fail to land right on my heart. I loved this conversation with her, published on her "Words That Move" feature on her website...

I can't tell you how often I read a piece of writing, fall in love with it, and immediately want to sling it under the nose of the closest human being I can find (often that's my children, and sadly we don't yet have the same taste for life-altering, paradigm-shattering, bone-fizzing words).

So, I created Words That Move. It's a chance to talk with the person behind the writing, find out the story of the piece and also discover the writing that moves *them*. You'll find it on my website (follow it there via my newsletter), and I'll post new instalments here too.

Check out the shining face of Tracey Hewitt, below... she's as vibrant and soulful as she looks, and was a joy to speak with. We spoke about her poem "Stay With Yourself" (and she chose to share John O'Dononue's poem "Beannacht" - my Irish heart was well pleased)."

~Mary Walker

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