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Making Friends With Muriel

Welcome to Making Friends With Muriel! I'm so happy to have you here. Let's dive right into getting to know your inner critic. Take your time, or binge on all the videos at once - whatever works best for you...

What's included?
• Lesson 1 - Who IS your inner critic?
• Lesson 2 - Befriending Your Inner Critic
• Lesson 3 - Creating Backgrounds
• Lesson 4 - Let's Talk About Drawing
• Lesson 5 - Draw Faces Demonstration
• Lesson 6 - Create a portrait of your own Inner Critic
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Couch Art (Live class recordings)

Welcome to Couch Art! The videos here are recordings of a series of live classes - they have all the fun of live online classes - spontaeous laughter outbursts, technical confusion, periods of patchy connection and odd sounds. There is...

What's included?
• Class Introduction Video
• Couch Art Session 1 recording
• Couch Art Session 2 Recording
• Couch Art Session 3 Recording
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Couch Art Cafe Membership Page

Welcome to the Couch Art Cafe! Gather your couch art supplies, grab your favourite hot or cold beverage, and click the link below to join us for two hours of fun on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month...

What's included?
• Recording 26th July 2021 Session
• Recording of 12th July 2021 Session
• Recording of 29th June 2021 Session
• Recording of 14th June 2021 Session
• Recording 31st May 2021 Session
• Recording 10th May 2021 Session
• Recording of 26th April 2021 Session
• Recording 22nd March Session
• Recording of 8th March 2021 Session
• Recording 22nd February Session
• Recording 8th February 2021 Session
• Recording of 25th January 2021 Session
• Recording 12th January 2021 Session
• Recording 14th December 2020 Session
• Recording 23rd November 2020 Session
• Recording 9th November 2020 Session
• Recording 26th October 2020 Session
• Recording 12th October 2020 Session
• Recording 28th September 2020 Session
• Recording 14th September 2020 Session
• Recording of 21st August 2020 Couch Art Cafe Date Session
• Recording of August 10th 2020 Session
• Recording 27th July 2020 Session
• Recording 13th July 2020 Session
• Recording of 22nd June 2020 Couch Art Cafe Date Session
• Recording - 8th June 2020 Session
• Recording of May 11th 2020 Session
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