Creation Co-op

The Creation Co-op is a community of women who are committed to reclaiming our full creative power.
We believe that Creation is our birthright, and that every act of creativity supports us in becoming exactly who we were created to be.

We are an online community of women committed to living as our truest selves by reclaiming our full creative power.

We do this by showing up exactly as we are, unapologetically, and choosing to actively engage with our life at this very moment instead of waiting for everything to fall into place, or be in order. We are tired of waiting.

Our community creates together for the Love of Creation - focusing on the joy and delight of our creative experiences, not just on the end result.  As we create, we remember who we are and how to trust ourselves.

Our contributors share their authentic experiences with Creation through artistic self-expression as well as the practice of consciously creating a meaningful life through healing and self-care. We view life as a beautiful, heartbreaking, non-linear journey of healing that is meant to be traveled in the company of like-minded sisters.


There's a place here just for you. Won't you join us?