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Long ones, short ones, time lapse, lessons, inspiration: there's a little of all sorts of video here for your education, entertainment, or distraction - whichever is your need right now!

Make Your Own Art Journal With Watercolour Paper

This five minute video shows you how to create a simple, folded and stitched watercolour paper art journal. You can use more sheets of watercolour paper, which would cause the inner pages to poke out from the middle, but once you had it all stitched up, you could trim them off with a ruler and cutter or guillotine for a neat edge.

Desert Sonnet Series Mixed Media Time Lapse

Gelli Printed Christmas Tags

Making gift tags and wrap is one of my favourite ways to get ready for Christmas.

Gelli printing can be unpredictable (at least I can’t ever be sure when a print will be awesome or ordinary - there may be cleverer people out there than me though!)

This layered technique is a bit more challenging, and I suspect the dry hot climate here adds an extra level of difficulty, but when a print works well, it’s magic!! This little video walks you through the process - the moment you pull the tag off and see what’s happened is the best fun!

Couch Art Journal Flip Through

Couch art is art I make when sitting on my couch, watching TV... You can read more in this blog post.

Alcohol Ink Flower Doodles

Doodle Watercolour Detail

Gathering your art supplies

A quick chat about journals, art supplies and making use of what you've already got.

Session 1 - Creating a journal page background with stencils

Session 1 - Stencilled journal page Part 2

Following on from Creating a background with stencils, to finish off the page.

Session 2 - Creating a journal page using printed napkins as a background.

Alcohol Ink Flower Doodles