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Shortly after I became comfortable calling myself an artist, it occurred to me it was time to let go of my long-held belief that “I can’t draw faces”. If I was an artist, I had better at least make an effort to overcome that notion.

Drawing and painting hundreds of faces eventually chipped away and broke down that belief. At the same time, I unexpectedly discovered a love of poetry writing.

Somehow – in the mystical way creativity has of leading us to places we didn’t know we could go – the poems and women’s faces coalesced into a body of work called When Wise Women Whisper. Each woman has an accompanying poem, reminding us of our strength, courage and authenticity while whispering ‘you matter’.

The pieces in this series are mixed media (principally acrylic, collage and watercolour) on watercolour paper.

The process of their creation was to begin with a loose background - colours and forms that hint at the environment she occupies – on top of which the face was sketched and painted. Each face evolves from the sketch much like this:


I love her expression, the shape of her nose and the slight purse of her lips. And I’m scared as I continue, something adored could be lost. In fact, I KNOW it will. These women change as they come into being their full selves.
Just like you and me... it can be painful to let go of parts we have loved in order to become more of what we are destined to be.


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Listen to the poems being read for you here.
©2020 Tracey Hewitt
11.5" x 16.25" Acrylic, Ink, Coloured Pencil and Pen

Set down the worries of the day
in a soft nest of dreams and wishes,
nestled in a safe corner of your heart,
where the brambles grow free and
moss multiplies on ancient rocks -
They’ll be safe there.

Turn your feet toward the clearing.
One step at a time,
let the patch of sunlight
lead you through the tangle of wild growth
until you stand in the open.

Look up.

The sky is clear,
the sun warms you
with a tumble of golden atoms
each inscribed with your name.
Soak them in.
Life itself.

Spread your arms wide,
lift your face, and drink in the freedom
of this moment.

Your worries are safe.
The bees and birds
are tending them,
bringing worms and sweet nectar
to nourish them, to slake their thirst.
Your dreams cushion them,
embrace them,
take them in like orphans
from a long fought war.

And in that loving embrace,
your worries settle to sleep.

If you stay long enough in the sun
(One more minute should do it)
Those worries will become one with your dreams,
and realize
they never really existed
at all.
©2020 Tracey Hewitt
11.5" x 16.25" Watercolour and Pencil

She sits,
legs tucked up, like a child -
but no child is this woman.

She has seen pain,
felt the searing burn of betrayal,
the cold knock of sudden grief,
the cloudy fog of sorrow,
the bitter taste of self loathing -
oh, how familiar that taste is to her tongue.

She has watched hard days
bear down
with relentless heaviness.
She has endured,
then witnessed those hard days retreating,
beaten by her certain belief
that better days are coming.

She was never disappointed.
Better days did come,
Always on their own time,
but they arrived
and she embraced them,
delighted in their return.
She held joy in her arms,
kissed its sweet forehead,
watched it dancing in the sun,
laughed along with it.

She wraps her heart around adventure.
Invites curiosity into her mind.
She has broken bread with happiness,
drunk a toast with courage,
walked along quiet roads with peace.

Always ready to open her door to fear,
she keeps a fire going in her heart for hope.
©2020 Tracey Hewitt
23.5' x 16.5" Acrylic, Ink, Coloured Pencil and Pen

Tomorrow is a promise of love.
Pain washes away -
And what is left is sparkling light on moving water.
A current of joy
you can dive right into.
No tomorrow of yours is meant for pain.

You’ll feel pain -
it will be there,
part of life moving through you,
around you -
but your tomorrows
are designed for joy.

They walk side by side,
joy and pain.
Fingers twisted like old rope,
never one
without the other.

Embrace joy, and pain embraces you back.
Embrace pain, and joy explodes
with delight,
because finally,
you understand
that joy and pain
are partners,
destined always
to travel together.

One and the same.
Inextricably joined.
As we are.
©2020 Tracey Hewitt
11.5" x 16.25" Acrylic, Ink and Pen

I see your hurt -
the part of your heart
certain it will never know love again.

The pain
of a wounded, abandoned animal
left to bleed in the sun.
for all to see.

Some pass right by
others stop to poke
the open wound.
A rare and special few,
fuelled by compassion
kneel at your side,
pour drops of sweet water
Into your parched mouth,
stroke the roughened fur
around your heart,
and help you
to your feet.

‘This way.’
They gently guide
and walk with you.
Steady, careful steps
at first,
until you are strong once more.

And then with full hearts,
they beam
as one sunny day
they watch you run –


You look back,
and in the clear light
you realize,
they were, in fact

The part of you
you never knew -
Truly Yours.

And you ran from yourself
as soon as you
were strong enough.

Go back.

Take your own hand
in heartfull gratitude
for the gift you gave
©2020 Tracey Hewitt
23" x 16.75" Acrylic, Pen, Coloured Pencil

You listen for the echoes of a lost friend,
yet only silence fills your heart.
You forget
that you are never alone.

Love is always
beside you,
in front,
and within,
weaving and braiding your heart to every other heart.

Plying threads of affection through leaves,
around trees,
into the nests of birds,
casting frayed threads to the wide, blue sky.
To be picked up by a passing eagle,
and gently tucked into the soul of a hare,
as it takes it’s last breath.

Tugged gently from this world to the next,
to be delivered
to the child,
waiting to be born.

This tapestry is complex -
tight and woven together with such chaotic love
that even as it seems to unravel,
it makes itself stronger and more beautiful.

In every moment, the story is weaving itself.
Every breath,
every laugh,
every sigh,
every moment of ecstasy,
every howl of sorrow,
all woven together,
into a giant blanket
of love.
©2020 Tracey Hewitt
16.75" x 23.25" Acrylic, Ink & Pen

Speak up.
Your truth is needed now.

Share your heart’s vision -
for kindness,
for compassion.
The world needs the medicine
that is in you
To pour water over parched hearts,
To offer nourishment to starved souls.
The weary world is craving a safe place to rest.

Prepare a bed for it,
light the candles,
fluff the pillows,
air the linens,
strew lavender flowers across the room -
an earthly soporific.
Create a place so warm,
so safe,
the world can not resist.

Then remember that you belong to the world,
That this resting place is yours.

I know you want to save the world.
But first - save yourself.
©2020 Tracey Hewitt
23.5" x 16.5" Pen & Watercolour

She comes - a sway in her hip,
laughter like liquid pearls,
delight shining in her eyes,
her dreadlocks wrapped and twisted
in a wild pile on her head.
Her bare feet connecting with earth
her hands open, arms wide
heart glowing bright.


Then she speaks:

Stand solid
in your knowing - for you know.
Oh, how you know.
Be unshakeable
in your fullness.
All of you is welcome,
Show up and laugh
with your whole body,
every cell alive with wonder,
and awe.
walk into the conference room with
magic in your pocket,
and scatter it around the room -
an unexpected shower of light.

Meet mystery with practical flexibility
bend to absorb it, just as you bend
to accommodate challenges.
Bending isn’t only for disaster management.

Bend to catch joy.
Bend into freedom.
Move toward delight.

Flexibility has more benefits than you can imagine.


Always keep your centre
in touch with Source.

Stay light.