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Cordelia is from the series When Wise Women Whisper - a collection of portraits of imagined women, whose wise whipers are caught as a poem.


11.5" x 16.25" Mixed media on watercolour paper (acrylic, ink, and pen)


Unframed, hinge mounted on off white matte board. International purchasers please contact me for shipping costs. Free delivery within Australia.


Cordelia's Whisper

I see your hurt -
the part of your heart
certain it will never know love again.

The pain
of a wounded, abandoned animal
left to bleed in the sun.
for all to see.

Some pass right by
others stop to poke
the open wound.
A rare and special few,
fuelled by compassion
kneel at your side,
pour drops of sweet water
Into your parched mouth,
stroke the roughened fur
around your heart,
and help you
to your feet.

‘This way.’
They gently guide
and walk with you.
Steady, careful steps
at first,
until you are strong once more.

And then with full hearts,
they beam
as one sunny day
they watch you run –


You look back,
and in the clear light
you realize,
they were, in fact

The part of you
you never knew -
Truly Yours.

And you ran from yourself
as soon as you
were strong enough.

Go back.

Take your own hand
in heartfull gratitude
for the gift you gave

Original Artwork "Cordelia"

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