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Dialogue With A Dragonfly began life as a drip catcher for a 'dirty pour' experiment when My Mum, Carmel, showed me a technique she had been having lots of fun with.

A caramel coloured grid dripped its way across a couple of sheets of watercolour paper, where it sat - untouched - for many months. I can't quite tell you what made me pick them up and put some acrylic paint on them, but one happy day I did just that. Something special happened with the colours and the grid - a kind of translucence, almost like stained glass. Some areas seemed to be begging for the addition of coloured pencil, so, of course - that's what went down next.

Next came that moment - this is looking really good, but it's not finished, either. That moment is reliably followed by a kind of panic. What if the next thing I add ruins it?  I tortured myself with that question for a while, until I spotted him. A dragonfly. His body was silhouetted in caramel drips, and I was simultaneously thrilled and terrified.

As you can see, Derek the Dragonfly landed on the page, asked for a garden to surround him, and then argued with me about whether he should be a single dragonfly or perhaps have a mate hanging around... I know this sounds batty, but Derek really wanted to be a lone wolf kind of dragonfly. He reluctantly agreed that a mate could show her wing - but no more - in the open space he longed to fly free into.

Dialogue With A Dragonfly is a diptych - two seperate pieces that hang together) with a combined measurement of 30" x 22" before framing.

Framed in a simple black frame, hung together the overall measurement is 93cm x 63cm

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