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Making a portrait of your inner critic is a fun way to give them a voice, respond to them, and then re-set the rules for engagement in this relationship from here on in. The conversation is forged into a powerful document/art piece that you can return to anytime you need reminding that your critic might be trying to help you, but you are in charge of how they speak to you.

Muriel is the voice in my head - my inner critic. Befriending her is one of the kindest things I've ever done for myself. This class is your invitation to get to know your inner critic - to make friends with your own version of Muriel.
In this class you will:
  • Get to know your inner critic as a separate voice that you can have a conversation with.
  • Learn to recognize their voice as distinct from your own.
  • Discover how loving your critic can 'quiet them down' and let you get on with living and loving your life.
  • Learn art and writing techniques which you can build on and express yourself through, including conversational journaling, drawing faces, stenciling, collage and more.
  • Have support in a private Facebook Group forum, where you can share your creations, share your experiences with others and catch "live" check in's.
  • Work at your own pace, with lifetime access to the videos and class materials once you've purchased.

I offer a 25% discount for members of the Creation Co-op, where in Session One there are multiple contributors offering sessions around Befriending Ourselves. Part of the content of this course is offered there, along with loads of other juicy offerings from my Co-op sisters. We'd love to see you there!


$90.00 AUD