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Mali is from the series When Wise Women Whisper - a collection of portraits of imagined women, whose wise whipers are caught as a poem.

23" x 16.75" Mixed media on watercolour paper (watercolour and pen)

Unframed. International purchasers please contact me for shipping costs. Free delivery within Australia.


Mali's Whipser

She comes - a sway in her hip,
laughter like liquid pearls,
delight shining in her eyes,
her dreadlocks wrapped and twisted
in a wild pile on her head.
Her bare feet connecting with earth
her hands open, arms wide
heart glowing bright.


Then she speaks:

Stand solid
in your knowing - for you know.
Oh, how you know.
Be unshakeable
in your fullness.
All of you is welcome,
Show up and laugh
with your whole body,
every cell alive with wonder,
and awe.
walk into the conference room with
magic in your pocket,
and scatter it around the room -
an unexpected shower of light.

Meet mystery with practical flexibility
bend to absorb it, just as you bend
to accommodate challenges.
Bending isn’t only for disaster management.

Bend to catch joy.
Bend into freedom.
Move toward delight.

Flexibility has more benefits than you can imagine.


Always keep your centre
in touch with Source.

Stay light.

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