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Part memior, part self help - as in to help myself. To remind myself of the things I know, and need to remember. Like how to take responsibility for my own life and happiness, and the ways I could care of myself as kindly as I care for others. Turns out that writing all this down to help myself, has helped others too.


There's stories about fun stuff - creativity, gratitude, journaling and play. There's also stories about hard things - grief, exercise, perfectionism and boundaries. (Tell me you find exercise and boundaries to be hard things, too? It will make us forever friends).

Now, I want to be honest here. You'll get a copy of this much cheaper from your preferred online bookseller - especially of you live outside Australia. Shipping, and all that. And I encourgae you to get your hands on it whatever way works for you. Here's a link to purchase on Amazon , where you'll also find an eBook option.


The only thing the online booksellers can't get you is a dedicated and signed copy and little extra treat from me in the parcel. But when it's all said and done, I just want you to have a copy - in whatever way works best for you.

Book: When Your Superpower Becomes Your Kryptonite

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