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Aurora is from the series When Wise Women Whisper - a collection of portraits of imagined women, whose wise whipers are caught as a poem.


16.75 x 23.25" Mixed media on watercolour paper (acrylic, ink, and pen)


Unframed. International purchasers please contact me for shipping costs. Free delivery within Australia.


Aurora's Whisper

Speak up.
Your truth is needed now.

Share your heart’s vision -
for kindness,
for compassion.
The world needs the medicine
that is in you
To pour water over parched hearts,
To offer nourishment to starved souls.
The weary world is craving a safe place to rest.

Prepare a bed for it,
light the candles,
fluff the pillows,
air the linens,
strew lavender flowers across the room -
an earthly soporific.
Create a place so warm,
so safe,
the world can not resist.

Then remember that you belong to the world,
That this resting place is yours.

I know you want to save the world.
But first - save yourself.

Original Art "Aurora"

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