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Maribel is from the series When Wise Women Whisper - a collection of portraits of imagined women, whose wise whipers are caught as a poem.


23" x 16.75" Mixed media on watercolour paper (acrylic, coloured pencil and pen)


Unframed. International purchasers please contact me for shipping costs. Free delivery within Australia.


Maribel's Whisper

You listen for the echoes of a lost friend,
yet only silence fills your heart.
You forget
that you are never alone.

Love is always
beside you,
in front,
and within,
weaving and braiding your heart to every other heart.

Plying threads of affection through leaves,
around trees,
into the nests of birds,
casting frayed threads to the wide, blue sky.
To be picked up by a passing eagle,
and gently tucked into the soul of a hare,
as it takes it’s last breath.

Tugged gently from this world to the next,
to be delivered
to the child,
waiting to be born.

This tapestry is complex -
tight and woven together with such chaotic love
that even as it seems to unravel,
it makes itself stronger and more beautiful.

In every moment, the story is weaving itself.
Every breath,
every laugh,
every sigh,
every moment of ecstasy,
every howl of sorrow,
all woven together,
into a giant blanket
of love.

Original Art: Maribel

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