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"Astrid (From the When Wise Women Whisper Series)


23.5" x 16.5" Mixed media on watercolour paper (Acrylic, Ink, Coloured Pencil and pen)


Unframed. International purchasers please contact me for shipping costs. Free delivery within Australia.


Astrid's Whisper

Tomorrow is a promise of love.
Pain washes away -
And what is left is sparkling light on moving water.
A current of joy
you can dive right into.
No tomorrow of yours is meant for pain.

You’ll feel pain -
it will be there,
part of life moving through you,
around you -
but your tomorrows
are designed for joy.

They walk side by side,
joy and pain.
Fingers twisted like old rope,
never one
without the other.

Embrace joy, and pain embraces you back.
Embrace pain, and joy explodes
with delight,
because finally,
you understand
that joy and pain
are partners,
destined always
to travel together.

One and the same.
Inextricably joined.
As we are.

Original Artwork: Astrid

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