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I was halfway through painting this when it became clear the chaotic underpainting was my reaction to the Uvalde School Shooting in Texas. A slightly different take on Fathomless, initially it seemed this piece may not belong in this exhibition. But realising that I am unable to fathom how shootings like these keep happening, it became clear it certainly had a place here. 


There are 21 yellow circles in the underpainting - one for each life lost that day. Some remain visible, others are tucked away under the white overpainting. This piece feels like a prayer for hope - a longing for something better to grow from the remains of the sorrow.


  • Size (h w d): 29.5 x 20 in

  • Medium: Acrlyic, Ink, Coloured Pencil, Oil Pastel on Watercolour paper

  • Subject Matter: Abstract Florals

  • Type: Painting

  • Framed Size (h w d): 38 x 20 in

What Might Grow? (from the Fathomless Exhibition)

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