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You're A Wayfinder Life Coach? What is it you actually DO?

The other day someone asked me what it is I actually DO as a Life Coach? Picture this: You are locked in a room with no windows - no source of light at all. Everything you need to get yourself...

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Welcome to art class! When you've purchased a class, you can access it below. If you're interested in purchasing a class  click here to visit the shop and see what classes are currently available There are more classes in...

Work With Me

Do you have a nagging feeling there's more to life than this? The feeling that there's something out there calling your name, but you don't know how to get to it - or maybe even what "it" is? I've been...

Meet Tracey

  The truth is, I'd much rather talk about you. But, I know this is the spot you've come to find out about me. When I click on an ‘about’ tab, I want to learn about the real human I'm...

Ten Minutes a Day

I've been working on a little project over here - a mini art journal - it’s 4” square - and creating for ten minutes on a page every day. Inspired by the realisation that 14 minutes is just 1% of your day, I figured I’d see what might grow out of a ten minute per day commitment. Follow along on Instagram to see what unfolds - I’m a little more motivated every day as I watch these mini artworks accumulate. And I can feel bigger ideas stirring...


Tracey teaches easy techniques and offers step-by-step instructions that make art accessible to everyone. I was amazed by the beautiful work our group produced, even though many of us hadn’t held a paintbrush in years, if ever!  I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a new way to express themselves, get creative, play more and have a few good laughs. Tracey is a blast. Her sense of humour, wisdom, warmth and down to earth nature will make you feel right at home.       

Amanda - Art Journaling

Tracey is a wonderful coach...she brings life into much clearer focus and her kindness shines through

Trish H - Coaching _ Trish

To me art journalling is about playful expression whilst exploring my inner world. I really like the way my written word (text) creates a layer of texture which then becomes the base for play and exploration of a variety of mark making and really cool techniques. Tracey has such a wonderful way with people, walking alongside them, encouraging their expression of creativity whether in the written word or images. She does not judge, she loves, laughs and cries with her students, her wisdom is felt and expressed, her sense of self and ability to see life with all it offers whether that be roses or thorns with humbleness and humour is always spot on for me.                 

Peta - Art Journaling

Thanks Tracey, for putting it in ink, validating what we mostly know but don’t admit. Giving us your authentic self, was relatable and struck a chord with everyone i know who has read this. I am ready to look after myself and make time for me.
I so enjoyed the practical advice and of course your wonderful sprinkles of humour.

Kristy - When Your Superpower Becomes Your Kryptonite