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Couch Art Cafe, online community and workshop by Tracey Hewitt

The Artful Life Collective

Virtual art dates and conversations with Tracey's Tribe

The Artful Life CollectiveMonthly Membership

Imagine stumbling through a dark forest, tripping over exposed roots, feeling cold and hungry. Right about the time you are about to sit down and cry, you see a campfire glowing up ahead. You hear gentle laughter and you just KNOW you're going to be welcome. You've found a place to get warm and fed: you've discovered your tribe. 

This tribe are people who make art, who know a creative practice makes life better in every way. They are people looking for some calm in the chaos of daily life. They choose to approach life with creativity and purpose. Here's a place you'll find acceptance, support, encouragement and opportunities to grow and learn. 

Join us. . .

  • Two art dates each month - on the 2nd and 4th Monday from 8am AEST via Zoom. (Art dates last between 1 and 2 hours) Learn techniques, skills and process from a practicing artist in real time, or create your own thing in shared energy of creating together. 

  •  Access to all the Art Date recordings on the dedicated Members Page, where you'll also find the Artful Life Collective discussion group.

  • Access to online discussion group led and supported by a certified MBI Wayfinder Lifecoach

Want to know more?

The Artful Life Collective



Every month

Virtual art dates and conversations with Tracey's Tribe

Valid until canceled

Art Dates on Zoom twice a month.

Learn from Tracey in real time as she creates

Online group for sharing, support & inspiration

Access to all Art Date recordings while you're a member

Tell me more. . . 

How do Art Dates work?

We dial in to a Zoom meeting, chat, share our latest creative efforts and spend a couple of hours drawing and playing in the company of kindred spirits. These art dates are a great way to keep you committed to creating something, as well as giving you the pleasure of connecting in real time with other artists - no matter where you are in the world!

This isn't a class as much as a community to belong to. I'm on hand offering prompts and instructions, and talking you through my own creative process as we explore and play together.


How will I be charged?

When you join, you're setting up a monthly charge to your card via PayPal. It will be automatically deducted until you cancel your membership.

How do I join the Zoom calls? 

24 hours before each class, you'll receive an email with the call link to join the fun.

What if that time doesn't suit me? 

I've got you - all the sessions are recorded and loaded to the Members Page. 

How do I access the Artful Life Collective Discussion Group?

You can find that on the members page, or to stay in touch wherever you are, you can download the Spaces by Wix app from the Apple Store of Google Play.

Can I cancel my membership? 

Absolutely. Anytime you like, just log in to your account, choose subscriptions and click cancel. Of course, I'd be sad to see you go, but when it's time, it's time. I'll still love you 😉

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