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After teaching art journaling workshops 'in person' for a while, here come online classes - the first one will kick off in late May 2019!



Part of my first offering - Making Friends With Muriel - is available over in the Creation Co-op - an online community of women who are all about harnessing the healing power of creation. Join the Co-op session "Befriending Ourselves" to access all the juicy offerings there, and get a 25% discount on the cost of Making Friends With Muriel

Making Friends With Muriel

Welcome to Making Friends With Muriel! I'm so happy to have you here. Let's dive right into getting to know your inner critic. Take your time, or binge on all the videos at once - whatever works best for you...

What's included?
• Lesson 1 - Who IS your inner critic?
• Lesson 2 - Befriending Your Inner Critic
• Lesson 3 - Creating Backgrounds
• Lesson 4 - Let's Talk About Drawing
• Lesson 5 - Draw Faces Demonstration
• Lesson 6 - Create a portrait of your own Inner Critic
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