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Create Your Best Christmas Yet: A Guided 10-Minute Visualization To Discover Your Ideal Christmas

If you love Christmas exactly as it is, you can wander off to lick the roof of the gingerbread house - there's nothing here for you.

For the rest of us, I offer a guided visualisation - Your Ideal Christmas. This is an adaptation of a coaching tool I learned from Martha Beck (go check her out, she's amazing).

The idea is to tune in to your imagination and conjure up the most IDEAL day for you. We humans can create amazing things, but first we need to imagine them. As you imagine your ideal Christmas, let yourself have everything you crave. This is an exercise in generating the way you want to feel, and is not limited by what is possible, practical or remotely realistic. Want to wake up to Elvis signing "All I Want For Christmas Is You"? You've got it. Would your ideal Christmas be spent entirely alone in a giant redwood forest? It's all yours. Maybe your ideal Christmas day would have a cherished soul no longer alive join your table. You can have them here.

On its own, this is a pleasant ten minute visualisation. If you spend another five or ten minutes afterwards jotting some things down in a journal and reflecting, it can be a powerful tool to help you make some tiny changes that might have a big impact on your day. Grab a journal, find a quiet spot, get comfy and visit Christmas five years from now... (we head to five years in the future, because its easier for our brains to not be caught up in our current 'realities'. If 5 years feels impossible due to a diagnosis that has you not knowing how many more Christmases you might have - try slipping through a portal to a parallel universe where ANYTHING is possible.)

How was that? Got that journal handy? Spend a few minutes reflecting on what you noticed:

  • Find 3 to 5 adjectives to describe how your ideal Christmas day feels.

  • What themes or values showed up? Connection? Peace? Rest? Fun? Adventure? Gratitude? Simplicity? Abundance? Wild abandon? (There are no right or wrong repossess - only what feels good to YOU)

  • What already exists that could help generate your desired feelings or themes? (If you dream of waking to the dulcet tones of Elvis, can you set up a playlist to hit 'play' on, as you wake?)

  • What TINY changes could you make - so tiny and simple that they would feel almost effortless - that might turn this coming Christmas day just 1 degree closer towards your vision and feeling of an ideal Christmas day?


Need some help getting into your Ideal Christmas visualisation, or figuring out how to move closer to it? I've still got a few openings for one on one client sessions before Christmas. Nab one by clicking the "Book Now" button.

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