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Less Mundane, More Magic

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

A very cool thing happened today. Someone contacted me wanting to buy 5 paintings. Yes - FIVE. At once. An entire series.

After I calmed down, something struck me. Minutes before, I had finished up a practice Martha Beck* calls "Dropping into Wonder" - quieting my thoughts and my busy mind, and putting all my attention on imagining sensory experiences I love - the taste of salted caramel chocolate, the sound of rain on a tin roof, the scent of gardenias, the sight of a wood fire burning, and the feel of being wrapped in a soft blanket.

Martha believes (and I do too) that the life we long for is always sent to us - but that our true home address is Peace. If we're hanging out in Frustration, or camped up in Burnout, or spending our time anywhere that isn't our true Home address, our longed for life can't be delivered. It's as if the courier called, but no one was home to answer the door and sign for the parcel.

Dropping into Wonder, then letting yourself imagine the thing you long for - with NO EXPECTATIONS about how, when or where - signals Life's courier that you are Home and ready to receive.

The past few weeks I've been working hard and focussed on mundane stuff - I forgot that when we let mundane, busy, pushing take over every moment, the courier keeps showing up to an empty house.

We could choose Magic instead. Which is what I did today. You might call it coincidence, but I've had too many of these 'coincidences' to believe this idea of Peace being my Home is not, in fact, quite magical.

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