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Two Questions To Discover Your Purpose

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Why am I here? Might be the most ruminated upon question in the history of humans (though it may come a close second to the confounding and seemingly unanswerable question of why only mothers replace the toilet roll?).

Regardless of what brought them to me for coaching in the first place, at some point almost every client murmurs something about figuring out their PURPOSE.

Martha Beck recently shared a couple of questions on her Gathering Room Podcast that helped me cut to the heart of this question:

How do you want the world to be different because you existed in it?


How do you want your soul to be different because you existed in the world?

How would you answer? It might help to grab a notebook and pen and spend ten minutes answering these questions.

For me, after a couple pages of writing that included flowery words like beauty, kindness, joy, love, and peace, the answer distills down to this: I am here to bring peace and to know peace. The truth of it is clear as I paint, journal and spend time in stillness - in those places I KNOW peace. And when I coach, and share my art, and weave order into our framing business, the intention (and hopefully the result) is that I BRING peace, so others may know it.

Your answer will be different, unique to YOU. And once you know it, you can use it as the litmus test for decision making and to-do list generation by asking yourself - does this goal/task/outcome lead me in the direction of my purpose?

Let me know what you discover! And if you prefer to talk things out than write them out, you can book a free Discovery Session

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