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Join me in my studio for a relaxed day of creative fun. Saturday 2nd October 2021 9am to 4pm.

Couch art is the art I make on my lap in front of the TV at the end of the day. It's how I make sure I get some creativity into my life, when the days are busy and full of the demands of being a human on this big blue spinning planet.

There's no pressure, no high expectations - just a bit of doodling and noodling on the page as you untangle the busyness of your day and the uncertainty of these times. And as the days slide by, you fill up page after page, and notice recurrent themes, shapes, patterns, colours and ideas. Which you could tap into to explore in larger artworks - but the real power in them is to express your creative self. It's a gentle and fun way to give yourself some self care. (Read more about Couch Art in this blog post).

You can bring along your own art supplies, or request a Couch Art Starter Kit - at an additional cost of $120 - which includes a small watercolour paper art journal, watercolour pan set, black and white permanent pens, 6 paint pens and an aquabrush - which I will organise and have ready for you on arrival at the workshop. Please email or message me BEFORE 17th September to secure your kit.



$88.00 AUD