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Gelli plate printing is one of my favourite things to do. When you need to have a play, crave a burst of colour, and experience the thrill of delightful surprises - gelli printing might be the answer.

Join me at "Charvel" for a morning of Gelli plate printing. It's simple, effective, loads of fun and no pressure - if you fluff a print, you can just keep printing over it until you like it. It's a very forgiving technique! It's also guaranteed to lift your spirits - gelli printing seems to have a knack of making the hassles of the world vanish.

Here's all the low down: 

WHEN: Saturday 14th May 2022 9am to 12.30pm 

WHERE: "Charvel" Theodore Qld

COST: $90 - includes access to ALL equipment, materials, 12 tags, 12 cards, and assorted papers. Tea, coffee and something to nibble on will be available, too. 

Limited to 12 participants.

$90.00 AUD